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Are You Ready for the Great American Eclipse 2017?

Just in case you haven’t heard, there’s a rare celestial event on the way! On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will touch the U.S. mainland for the first time since 1979, following a path that crosses the country from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Tens of millions of people who live within a 70-mile radius of its cross-country track will witness the eclipse in totality (the sun completely blocked by the moon). Those of us in Northfield as well as millions of others outside this narrow strip will enjoy a partial eclipse. River Valley Eye Professionals is urging everyone to view the eclipse with proper eye protection to avoid any temporary or permanent eye damage from the sun.

To ensure that you won’t miss this remarkable sight, River Valley Eye Professionals has some tips for safe viewing and gathering more information HERE.

Also, please enjoy this nicely done video from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.