Contact Lenses and Your Eye Health

ContactsIn a recent article citing current research, the risks of corneal infection and contact lens wear were studied. Following were the results of that study:

  • Failing to air-dry your contact lens case after each use increased the risk of corneal infection 6.4 times
  • Not replacing the contact lens case at least every 6 months increased the risk of corneal infection 5.4 times
  • Occasional overnight wear increased the risk of corneal infection 6.5 times
  • Smokers who wear contacts were 6.5 times more likely to contract corneal infection More »

Eye Health Lecture Series Focuses on Glaucoma

River Valley Eye Professionals 2012 Lecture Series will continue during the month of September with a program devoted to glaucoma and its diagnosis and treatment. Drs. Nathan P. Heilman, OD, Dena L. McGree, OD and David K. Hakes, OD will provide information and answer questions during the free presentations, which will be held at four Northfield, Minnesota locations. More »

How Often Do You Need an Eye Exam?

The frequency of your eye examinations largely depends on your age and any pre-existing conditions. More »

Glaucoma Update

Patrick O’Neill, OD, FAAO

The reason that glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness is because most people don’t know they have it!

In most instances, glaucoma is a very treatable disease, but since most cases of glaucoma have no symptoms, the disease is allowed to progress unnoticed until there is advanced and permanent loss of vision. More »