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Contact Lenses and Your Eye Health

ContactsIn a recent article citing current research, the risks of corneal infection and contact lens wear were studied. Following were the results of that study:

  • Failing to air-dry your contact lens case after each use increased the risk of corneal infection 6.4 times
  • Not replacing the contact lens case at least every 6 months increased the risk of corneal infection 5.4 times
  • Occasional overnight wear increased the risk of corneal infection 6.5 times
  • Smokers who wear contacts were 6.5 times more likely to contract corneal infection

Contact Lens DOs

  1. DO rinse out your case after inserting your lenses and let it air dry with the caps off.
  2. DO throw away your case every six months or sooner. Some solution companies supply a new case with every new bottle of contact solution – throw out the old and use the new.

Contact Lens DON’Ts

  1. DON’T sleep in your lenses. Even ‘extended wear’ lenses can cause problems.
  2. DON’T smoke and avoid being around people who do smoke … you’ve heard this before.

At River Valley Eye Professionals we have over 80 years of combined experience in fitting all varieties of contact lenses. We believe that when properly fitted and cared for, they are safe and efficient in providing good vision. However, as with any medical device, proper care and periodic follow-up with your doctor is critical to ensure healthy eyes and good vision for the long run.

Most people do very well with their contacts, but with success can come a tendency to overwear the lenses during the day and/or not dispose of them when recommended. Always follow directions from your eye doctor and call if you have any questions or concerns.

If you should ever experience pain, blurred vision, redness, light sensitivity, swelling, discharge or tearing, remove the lenses immediately and call our office at 507.645.9202.

We always have a doctor on call 24/7.

What’s new?

Daily disposable contact lenses – no cleaning, no care. Put them on in the morning and throw them away at night. No more solutions to buy (estimated a $80 – $100 savings per year). Call our office to learn more.