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Announcing RevolutionPHR!

River Valley Eye Professionals is pleased to offer convenient, secure access to information from your eye care record through an online portal called RevolutionPHR. The acronym PHR stands for “Personal Health Record” and represents an online location where you, and only you, can view important information about your relationship with us.

RevolutionPHR utilizes the highest standards of online security while allowing you to view portions of your eye care record through any standard Internet browser. If you’re traveling and need to know what medication your eye doctor prescribed, can’t remember when your appointment is next week, or can’t find your latest bill, just log in to find that information.

Has your personal information changed? No need to call us or spend time updating paper forms at the office. Simply log in to RevolutionPHR and update your personal info. As soon as you change it, your doctor’s records will be updated for your next visit. If you have an upcoming eye appointment, you can complete a pre-examination interview that will help your doctor update your record based upon your answers.

In addition to all these great features, we are looking forward to offering online scheduling and new patient registration in the near future. Stay tuned.

Participation in RevolutionPHR is optional and completely confidential. We have no record of your access and we allow you to use this online portal at your discretion.

To gain access, we can provide you with your individual Username and Password during your appointment or you may simply call us and we can set it up securely over the phone.

Visit RevolutionPHR »