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Hearing Screenings Now Available

River Valley Eye Professionals is now providing no-cost hearing screenings for patients (ages 50 and older) during regular eye exams. This free screening is designed to detect any evidence of hearing loss and provide a referral and report for you to share with your audiologist.

Older male's ear

Screening Process

  1. During your preliminary eye testing, our technicians will place a small hearing screener up to each ear and test four separate frequencies.
  2. If you fail to hear any of the frequencies, we will give you the results and information to set up an appointment with the audiologist at your clinic.
  3. Your audiologist will provide you with a very thorough hearing test and advise you of treatment options.

Audiology Clinics in Northfield

Allina Health: Shannon Garlitz, Au.D.
Family Health Medical Clinic: Jennifer Bormann, M.S., CCC-A

If you have any questions on this screening, please feel free to contact our office.