Lens Types

GlassesAnti-reflective Lenses

Reduce nighttime glare and eyestrain from overhead lighting.
This process can be applied to almost every lens and material. Anti-reflective surface lenses not only reduce nighttime glare from headlights, taillights and street lights for safer driving, they’re also unsurpassed at reducing reflections from computers and overhead lights that cause eyestrain and fatigue. The new anti-reflective surface lenses will transmit up to 99.6 percent of visible light, are easier to clean and have a high level of scratch resistance. For more information, visit www.essilor.com.

Progressive Segment Lenses

Clear vision at any distance for bifocal wearers.
Sometimes called bifocals without the lines, the progressive segment lens offers a continuous range of clear vision between distance, intermediate and up-close viewing, as opposed to its bifocal counterpart.  These lenses come in many different styles and prices, and are adaptable to different uses.  Newer progressives are now computer designed specifically for each individual and are surfaced by lasers instead of the older method of grinding.  These new processes lend themselves to better adaptation by the patient with wider fields of vision for computer and reading distances. For more information, visit www.essilor.com or www.shamirlens.com.

Sunglass Lenses

sunglassesEnjoy the outdoors and protect your eyes from harmful rays.
The ideal sunglass lens is a polarized solid-color lens in either a grey or brown color.  Polarized lenses significantly reduce glare from water, snow, sun, sand and car windshields, and also block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays.  They will increase your enjoyment of activities and create a clearer picture of the world you live in.

Polarized lenses are available in progressives, lined bifocals, lined trifocals and single vision prescriptions.  Tinted lenses are also available in all the styles mentioned above; these can be solid in any color or partially tinted (gradient) to allow for less tint for reading.  All lenses that are non-polarized should, for your safety, have a 100 percent UV block added to the lens.  Polarized demonstrators and further information are available at www.nikeoptics.com and www.essilor.com.

Transitions Lenses

Automatically adjust to changing lighting conditions.
These are lenses that change color with intensity of direct sunlight and UV exposure.  They are a variable changing lens for convenience, not to be confused with a true sunglass lens.  These lenses will gradually darken when outside and gradually lighten when you come back inside. They will not darken behind the windshield of a car.  They are a great protection lens in that they block 100 percent  of UVA and UVB rays no matter what the color state of the lens.

These lenses can be done in progressive, lined bifocal, lined trifocal and single vision.  All materials are available to accommodate differing prescription needs.   They are a great protection lens for kids in polycarbonate material and provide a good level of sun comfort without having a second pair of dedicated sunglasses or a clip-on that can get lost.  Further information is available at www.transitions.com.


drivingA recent development in variable tint sunwear. 
Drivewear polarized lenses will change behind  windshields, and change with the intensity of the sun and UV exposure.  Drivewear lenses are great for activities that take you through changes in brightness because they adjust quickly while maintaining full polarization and UV blocking capabilities. Customers who appreciate the benefits are engaged in activities like driving, running, biking, boating, skiing, golfing and playing tennis. Available in single vision, progressive, and lined bifocal lenses, and all the materials suitable to an active lifestyle.

Computer Lenses

Special lenses for the computer user.
Computer lenses are available in progressive, single vision, bifocal, trifocal and all materials to accommodate all prescription needs. Designed by our opticians to your particular needs and wants, when accompanied with an anti-reflective surface they ease eye strain and help with long days at the computer. We also offer blue light filtering lenses for frequent computer and device users.